Dr. Antal, Zoltan T. - PhD, M.Sc. 

Physical and Organic Chemistry

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Ab Initio Research Services SRL-D

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Scientific Consulting - Consultanta stiintifica


Currently accepting tasks of providing scientific support within the field of theoretical or computational chemistry for starting or ongoing projects related to European Union, National Scientific, and Norway Grant project lines.


Acceptând în prezent sarcini de acordare sprijin științific în domeniul chimiei teoretice sau computaționale pentru proiecte nepornite sau în curs de desfășurare legate de liniile de proiect UE, Naționale Științifice și Granturi Norvegiene.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Our company actively participates as a Host Entrepreneur in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program set up by the European Commission. New entrepreneurs having the desire to learn about leadership, program/company management, project and scientific article writing/implementing, scientific consulting, programming are welcome to participate in a friendly, dynamic atmosphere at an English speaking private medical clinic.

The implementation of the program is ongoing in the culturally active city of Sfantu Gheorghe, a location with rich tradition deeply embedded in modern way of thinking. The city offers possibilities un-characteristic to Eastern Europe, having funding opportunities that are related to the targeted “catching-up strategy” towards Western Europe and young, dynamic entrepreneurs have possibilities to utilize these opportunities.  


The founders of the company having already fruitfully participated in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program, have a deep understanding of how to carry out a successful, bi-lateral implementation of all program requirements.   

Main Activity

A brief presentation of the company:

The start-up company called “Ab Initio Research Services” was founded specifically for the 1.2.1 POC program (National Strategy for Research and Development) in Romania. It is a SRL (LTD), type-D (D for debutant) company and the first funded project is called: “Creating new software  tools for the design of novel, advanced, nano-materials, and pharmaceutically active materials and for their pharmacological and toxicological assessment“.   

The company is owned by two scientists (both chemists), the project director Dr. Zoltan Antal and Dr. Zsuzsanna Jenei with a co-ownership of 50% each. The research and programming tasks of the company are initially carried out by Dr. Zoltan Antal.

The scientists involved have returned to Romania from Canada and the United Kingdom after a longer absence, specifically to introduce specialized knowledge acquired abroad into the country, and the company will form the legal basis of all research activities.

Our main theoretical and computational chemistry models are based on a well-established, proven electron density fragmentation method which can be used to extract relevant information out of the targeted molecular region in a computationally efficient way. The method can be used directly in toxicological studies, molecular design or exploration of large systems, including proteins. 

The core activity of the business is to research and develop specialized software that can be used to design advanced, bio-, nano-, or pharmaceutically active materials and the pharmacological and toxicological assessment of the latter ones. The main, planned products and services are presented below: 

-          PRODUCT 1:  Molecular Shape Analysis software package for determining molecular  shape – activity correlations and molecular property predictions

-          PRODUCT 2:  Macromolecular Quantum Chemistry ADMA software package for molecular conformation, energetic stability, reactivity, and electron density distribution studies for large systems, including proteins  


-          Support: Scientific consultation and advice regarding the abovementioned packages

-          “Rental” services of resources and software